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Founded in 2013, Forecastle Tattoo has been quietly carving out a space in the greater Bangor community with a reputation for quality work coupled with a great experience.

Our new home since 2020, the unassuming brick bunker at

60 May Street houses a wealth of creativity and talent and artistic expression.


We know that Bangor is home to many gifted tattoo artists and that means you can afford to be choosy when it comes to putting ink on your body. Allow us to show you what makes Forecastle different from so many other studios, and you'll see why our clients become friends AND repeat clients..



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Sam Wood

Artist - Owner - Captain of the Ship since 2015

A lifelong artist with 20 years of graphic design experience before ever picking up a tattoo machine, Sam strives for clean lines, interesting designs and bold imagery. He doesn't shy away from even the worst coverups and wants to help you by creating a unique tattoo and great experience.  He's a busy guy and can be hard to get in to see. Tattoos that interest or challenge him are much more likely to get a green light and faster response Sam is currently focusing his work primarily on black and grey illustrative style, realism and surrealism, neo-traditional, and cover-ups. He particularly enjoys pin ups, pulp art, low-brow, machinery, art deco, art nouveau, streamline moderne and anything with a motor, hot rod, motorcycle, airplane or rocket ship related. He loves to create fantasy art, weird creatures, the fae, mermaids, fantastic beasts, and ANYTHING WITH TENTACLES. While he will tattoo nearly anything and everything, these particular subjects are sure to get his attention and enthusiastic reply.


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Jay Cochran

Artist - First Mate

Like a brother-from-another-mother, Jay Cochran is a lesson in loyalty, trust, integrity and hustle. Since 2016 Jay has honed his tattoo skills and carved out a niche focused on pop culture and comics. His range and style are diverse and he loves to focus on the details. 

Not only does he work hard to be a great artist and busy father, he somehow finds time in the midst of all that to organize the Bangor Comic & Toy Con and has amassed a growing list of celebrity tattoo clients from these ventures.

He prefers to deal with prospective clients directly through Instagram. Check out his portfolio below to get in touch with him! 


Hailee Winter


Hailee keeps their berth upstairs in the sunny Crow's Nest.

While they have only been with us a short while they have overcome the new-crew jitters and amassed a steady and loyal following of
their own.

Hailee is still exploring who they are as an artist but gets particularly excited for anything cutesy, cartoony, or Manga inspired.  Check out their Instagram portfolio below to book with Hailee!

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Seargent at Arms / Resident Plumber

Sam is not sure how he managed to keep his head afloat for so long without Emily around to handle all of the incoming messages and phone calls and emails. Those were dark times indeed. Luckily for Sam, and for you, Emily is here to make sure you receive a friendly response as soon as possible.

She is the embodiment of charm and kindness, but don’t come with an attitude, she’ll shut you down. Gatekeeper extraordinaire, Emily keeps Sam sailing true and the ship off the rocks.


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Gavyn Moreshead

Apprentice / Budding Tattoo Artist

In another lifetime, Sam met a shy 7 year old boy named Gavyn. Sometimes he would sketch pictures of Spiderman for the wee lad, never dreaming that one day Gavyn would find a passion for drawing and comic art that would run circles around those old drawings. Fast forward 15 plus years and Gavyn has blossomed into an incredible illustrator in his own right with a fancy-schmancy art degree to
prove it.  

We are very excited to get a tattoo machine in Gavyn’s mitts and guide his way til he’s ready to take the training wheels off. Stay tuned for more from Gavyn. We expect great things.


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60 May Street
Bangor, Maine 04401


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There are 3 designated parking spaces with Forecastle signs to identify them. Please DO NOT park in any other Unit or Telford spots. 
There are also two spots against the stone wall. There is street parking on May Street. Parking enforcement is lax on this street and no one has received a ticket in 4 years. 

There is also ample all-day parking on the Waterfront next to the Sea Dog.

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