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Founded in 2013, Forecastle Tattoo has been quietly carving out a space in the community with a reputation for quality work coupled with a great experience.
We know that Bangor is home to many gifted tattoo artists and that means you can afford to be choosy when it comes to putting ink on your body.

Allow us to show you what makes Forecastle different from so many other studios, and you'll see why our clients become friends and always come back for more. 



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Captain of the ship - Sam has been drawing since he could hold a crayon. And while he desperately wishes he could play a musical instrument, he was never able to stick with one long enough to not sound awful. Practice just felt too much like, well, practice. Not so with drawing. For whatever reason, decades of drawing and dozens of filled sketchbooks never felt like practice, even when he sucked - and he did.  Badly. 
But practice has paid off. While he has only wielded the needles for 4 years, the 20 years as a graphic artist and a lifetime of drawing, painting, sculpting, welding and unfettered creativity has loaded his toolbox with the skills to bring your tattoo ideas to life.  

A family man first, his passion for old cars, vintage aircraft and classic pinups all vie for a close second. Yes, he's tall. No, he doesn't play basketball. If you happen to be headed through Dunks or Starbucks on the way to the shop, a hot, black, dark roast will make him SUPER happy.



First Mate - Jay has has built a strong client base and reputation for clean lines and attention to detail. 
His stellar pyrography skills caught Sam's attention and it was only a slight change of gears to replace his wood burner with a tattoo machine. The rest, as they say, is history.
Jay has a passion for pop culture with a strong emphasis on the 80's & 90's and will pass out from happiness if you ask him to tattoo something from a horror movie or the Simpson's. He might have an orgasm if you have him do a Beetlejuice piece.

He is a proud father, a fantastic rock drummer, and has the most magnificent and lustrous red beard that is the envy of all men and the secret desire of all women. 



Helmsman - Rob is the newest crew member and comes to us all the way from Long Island, New York, but we try not to hold that against him.  He's been with us for 2 years now and feels like family.
With over 15 years of tattoo experience, he is the most seasoned member of our crew and brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in his sea bag. He is also the only artist for many leagues who specializes in organic and vegan tattooing.

Aside from tattooing, Rob is also a musician and a short film director. Rob abhors social media so your best bet is to contact him directly by phone or text at 631-579-0635









65 State Street • Bangor, ME 04401

Tel: 207.262.3825



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