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We have a special policy regarding finger tattoos - they are horrible places to put ink. We will not tattoo the pads of your fingers or hands. We can tattoo the tops of fingers with great success. We discourage tattooing the sides of fingers. That skin just does not like to hold ink. Many people see photos on Pinterest of amazing finger tattoos. These are often either photoshopped or were taken immediately following the tattoo application. I wish it were a law that these same people had to post a photo of their finger two weeks later. I guarantee it does not look like that.
Typically, the best results of finger tattoos are obtained with multiple applications over time layering up to a good saturation of ink. This process varies based on the person but can take frequent touchups over a matter of months or even years.

Alternatively, some tattooists drive the ink deeper in an effort to make it stay after one sitting. While this may seem like a good solution at first, the results are often awful. When the needle is driven below the appropriate epidermal layer, it will bleed beneath the skin; what we call a blow-out. These lines will appear fuzzy and hazy and will make any small details utterly unintelligible. There is no way to repair this - it is now part of your body and a tattoo nobody would be proud to have.
There are rare individuals who take ink on their fingers in one pass and that it looks great on, but these people are the white buffalo of mankind. Maybe that’s you. Most likely it’s not.
Many tattooists refuse to tattoo fingers at all because they don’t like the idea of putting out substandard work associated with their name and/or they don’t want to deal with the hassle of seeing you regularly to fix a tattoo they know you should not have put there in the first place. Some artists charge an exorbitant amount for finger tattoos in the hopes of either scaring you away from the idea or paying themselves ahead for all the time they will spend repairing your tattoo.
With all of that said, if you STILL want a finger tattoo, we will do it, but under these conditions:
We offer ONE free touchup. Every subsequent touchup you will pay full price to have it repaired. No exceptions. 

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